Barton & Loguidice Presentation

September 11, 2019

The Barton & Loguidice Engineering Report was discussed at the Town Board meeting on September 11th. The report indicated a cost of $848,000.00 to renovate the existing building and $575,000.00 to purchase Soda Fountain/General Store building with a cost of $718,000.00 to renovate for a total cost of $1,293,000.00.  Representatives from the engineering firm were present to deliver a presentation and answer questions from Board members, as well as residents of the and the space required for the town hall to operate in along with cost analysis and a draft plan for construction. This was a more in depth plan compared to the original presentation, the engineers did a great job at looking at everything and come up with a real solid plan and cost. The town board is working diligently on coming up with a solution. I posted a few key points in the pamphlet handed out last night.

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